Using energy wisely can help us get more value for our energy expenditure. It also helps to conserve national resources and reduces the impact energy-use has on the environment.

At Oorja Solutions, we consistently try and provide energy solutions to our customers. We are proud on being a customer focused organization.
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  gas geyser

Salient Features

1.  Approx. 4 times cheaper to run than electric geyser.
2.  No electricity required, No risk of shock and
     power failure
3.  Flame failure & water temperature safety device
4.  Gas & water flow adjustment
5.  Anti dry-burning protection device, anti frozen device
6.  20 minutes built in timer
7.  Protection devices for steady flow and
     abnormal pressure
8.  Approx. 500 buckets of hot water from one LPG cylinder
9.  Special O.D.S. Facility
10. 1 year warranty
11. Easy and fast installation
12. Prompt service.
Technical Function Data And names Of Parts

1. Observation window
2. Water temperature adjusting knob
    (fire adjuster)
3. Fire strength adjusting knob
    (temperature adjuster)
4. Gas supply connection
5. Battery chamber
6. Cool water supply connection
7. Water drain valve (safety discharging valve)
8. Hot water supply connection
9. Flue connection
gas geyser










2500 K. CAL @88% efficiency

3350 @ 75% efficiency

2500 k. Cal @ 88% efficiency

3350 % efficiency


0.210 kg

3.89 kwh^

0.210 kg

3.89 kwh^


Rs. 20.84*/kg

Rs. 3.69**/kwh^

Rs. 40***/ kg

Rs. 6.00**/kwh^


0.210 x 20.84 = Rs. 4.37/-

3.89 x 3.69 = Rs 14.35/-

0.210 x 40.00 = Rs. 8.40/-

3.89 x 6.00 = Rs 23.34/-


4.37 x 30 = Rs 131.10/-

14.35 x 30 = Rs 430.50/-

8.40 x 30 = Rs 252.00/-

23.34 x 30 = Rs. 700.20/-


131.10 x 12 = Rs 1537.20/-

430.50 x 12 = Rs 5166.00/-

252.00 x 12 = Rs. 3024/-

700.20 x 12 = 8402. 40/-


Rs 3592.80/-      =Aprox 70%

Rs 5378.40/-       = Aprox 64%



20 MIN. +


20 MIN +

*     Average cost of LPG
**   Average electricity rates
*** Average rate for Commercial gas.
Percentage is calculated by comparing with electric geyser’s running cost.
All rates are average, may vary and subject to change
Conditions apply




Can you use gas for water heating?


Yes, very much and far more efficiently than with an electric geyser. Every housewife knows that it is a lot faster to heat water on a gas stove than with an electric geyser or with an immersion rod. A gas water heater is specially designed keeping this in mind and is much more efficient and convenient (besides being safer) than a gas stove for heating water.


Is it economic?


Definitely yes. One 14.2 kg gas cylinder provides 7000 Ltrs of hot water. It is approximately 4 times cheaper than electric geyser.


What about safety?


Gas water heaters are absolutely safe. With the cooking stove, if the flame goes off due to boiling over of water or milk, gas continues to leak (it can accumulate in the kitchen and may explode even if a power switch is turned on). In gas water heaters, the gas supply cuts off within 30 seconds with the help of a thermocouple sensor (or flame failure device), if the flame goes off for any reason. Moreover, if there is no water supply (in case the overhead tank is empty) then the gas supply is cut off through a water pressure switch. Lastly, in the rare case of overheating due to any reason, there is a overheat protection device which immediately switches off the gas supply to the burners.


Isn't an electric geyser more convenient to use?


May be it appears that way because we were used to it in the absence of a better choice. The electric geyser (storage type or immersion type) takes at least 15 to 20 minutes to heat water. As you start using the water from electric geyser, the cold water keeps mixing with the hot water in the geyser and after drawing around 15 to 20 liters, you may get only cold water in the middle of a shower, which could be very irritating.


What is the capacity of the gas water heater?


There is no storage in the gas water heater (instantaneous type) and therefore the capacity is virtually unlimited when compared to an electric storage water heater. The 6 litres per minute model gives you 360 liters of water per hour and the 11 litres per minute model gives you 660 litres per hour. And unlike the electric storage water heater, the gas water heater gives you water at the same temperature for as long as the tap is left open.


Where can I keep gas cylinder?


The cylinder can be kept in a corner inside the bathroom, also outside the bathroom or in a dry balcony and can be connected to the gas geyser.


Can I have a central water heating system with a gas water heater?


Of course you can have it! Just by doing the plumbing appropriately during the planning and construction stage, you can opt for a storage tank with a capacity as large as 500 to 1000 liters per day. For a two or three bedroom house, a storage tank is not required and the gas water heater itself can supply hot water to all the bathrooms. It is also possible to install the gas water heater in the kitchen (and connect it to the same gas cylinder that is used for the cooking stove) and have the hot water plumbing run from the kitchen to the bathrooms.


What about scaling due to water hardness?


Since it is the running water that is heated, the chances of scaling are minimal. In electric geyser, cold water from the tank mixes with hot water even though you are drawing only hot water. In case of a gas water heater, water is heated to a lower temperature and as such scaling does not happen to the same extent.


How long does the built-in lighter last?


The built-in piezo electric system can last 100,000 cycles and is good enough for more than 33 years if it used 8 times per day.


Am I not better off with a solar system?


Running cost is virtually nil with a solar system whereas the capital cost of the equipment is very high. Generally, the solar systems are provided with an electrical back up which takes 2 to 3 hours to heat the storage tank on a cloudy or rainy day. With a gas water heater, your solar system can have an instant back up.


What about after sales service?


OORJA SOLUTIONS’s  gas geyser comes with one year warranty and we assure you of prompt service.


Daily Maintenance

Often check the gas supply hose. when it is damaged, aging or cracked, it must be replaced. Oftem whwther gas leaking appears by putting soapsuds on the joints of the hose.
Often check for water leaking. Try to handle it in time if leaking occurs.
During use you should pay attention to the flame, seeing if the burning is normal.
Often clean the surface of the heater with wet cloth, then use dry cloth to mop it. You may use some neutral detergent for the difficult dirt.
Check if there is dust or dirt on the heat exchanger twice a year, and clean it in time.
Strong detergent, gasoline and so on are not suitable for the cleaning of plastic, printed surface, paint sprayed surface, etc.
The ignition electrodes should be cleaned only with dry and soft cloth to ensure the ignition quality.